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What are you breathing right now?

Today we perfectly know what we eat and what we drink, and yet we have no idea about what we breathe. Municipalities and companies cannot provide reliable data about the environments they are responsible for, despite the tremendous impact it has on our health.


of cities don't have access to official air quality data

yearly deaths due to air pollution


Arianna is the first balcony pot that measures air quality and brings citizens together in the fight against pollution.

Thanks to an innovative technology made by us, once positioned outside Arianna  autonomously collects  data on the air quality of the district.

Our Value: Unique Actionable Data

The collected data from Arianna are displayed in real time on the Wiseair app where everyone can access the map of the air quality of the city.

A problem you can’t measure is a problem you can’t solve.

Through our services of data access and analytics, municipalities and companies can make informed decisions on our well-being and implement innovative services and products for their citizens and customers.

Our Mission

Wiseair believes in the power of data to make the invisible visible and enable a clean-air future.

The creation of the infrastructure through the involvement of communities of citizens achieves an extreme capillarity. Wiseair has at its disposal very dense networks of sensors, collecting unique and high value data for a sustainable future.

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